Posted: 1 December, 2016

This Is What Could Happen When The Footpath Is Too Hot For Your Dog

PSA: Protect your pet!

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As the weather heats up, it’s time to remember to look out for our dogs!

While we all know to keep their water bowls filled up and not leave them locked in cars, there’s another aspect of doggy care that you might not be aware of.

On very hot days, footpaths and roads can get so hot that they can actually burn your dog’s paws.

City Farmers Dog Wash Cannington & Redlands posted a photo of a poor doggy with very burnt paws from walking on a hot surface.

They wrote, “If the ground is to hot for your feet, then it is also to hot for your pets paws. 

“When taking the dog for a walk use the grass and check the pavement yourself before taking them out as the ground can burn the padding on their feet.”

Remember to keep this in mind on hot days!

Tags: dog

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