Posted: 22 September, 2016 by @amydrewsnews/ Taylah Webb

Flat-Faced Dogs Are Being Dumped All Over The UK

Cuteness Won't Save Them

It seems cuteness isn't enough to save a lot of pugs and bulldogs in the UK.

The British Veterinary Association has been forced to put out a warning about buying flat-faced dogs, amid a rise in the number being abandoned.


Brachycephalic, or 'flat-faced' breeds are incredibly popular, with their cute little faces and snuffling noises, but those very attributes can cause major health issues for them.

Eye ulcers, spine and breathing problems are extremely common within such breeds, and vets are seeing increases in corrective surgery.

While some owners are willing to put in the hard yards and fork out the money necessary to fix their furbabies eyes and noses, some are less prepared to care for them, the UK seeing a 39% increase in flat-faced breed surrenders in the last year.

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