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The Two Million Aussies Who Haven’t Filled In The Census Are Facing Massive Fines

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The Bureau of Statistics has declared a zero tolerance policy for Australians who do not complete their Census.

Two million Australians have reportedly not filled in their Census, with the initial online issues causing more people to order paper forms instead.

Those who do not complete their Census face fines of up to $180 a day.

“People have this weekend to get in their paper forms, and they have until next Friday to get in their online forms,” Small Business Minister Michael McCormack told Channel 7.

“Anyone who willingly participates in the Census will not be fined.”

The Bureau of Statistics is sending out staff to doorknock in areas with non-compliance problems.

“Having the outline site off for a while has meant that more people complete on paper,” Census Program Manager Duncan Young said.

“We will be knocking on doors to make sure they have all the material they need to make sure they understand that the Census is compulsory.”

In 2011 Australia had a 96% Census completion rate. The Census deadline is September 23. 

Tags: census

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