Posted: 22 September, 2016

Young Girl Tied To A Tree By Her Grandparents For Almost Six Years

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A young girl in China has reportedly been tied to a tree by her grandparents for nearly six years.

Authorities in China say they are unable to do anything about the situation.

The South China Morning Post reports that eight-year-old Zhao Ziyi, from Louyang village in the Henan Province, was first tied up with a rope after she started attacking people.

“She would attack other children and older people. She is dangerous to others, so we have to tie her up here,” her grandfather told reporters.

Zhao reportedly suffers from mental health issues, but the family cannot afford to send her to hospital for proper treatment. They say her behaviour changed after she suffered from a series of high fevers.

It is not known whether Zhao is untied and allowed to sleep inside at night, however footage shows her grandparents temporarily untying her so that she could walk around during the day. She does not attend school. 

Her grandparents currently care for Zhao and her two younger brothers. Her disabled father works in a local factory, while her mother lives elsewhere.

Local officials provide the family with a low-income allowance but say they cannot do anything to prevent the grandparents tying her to the tree.

Tags: china

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