Posted: 27 September, 2013 by News Team

Flesh-eating Drug Reaches The USA

WARNING: Graphic Images May Distress

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WARNING: This story contains images and video that will be distressing to some people.

It's the extremely dangerous drug called Krokodil that has made its way to American shores.

Already popular in Russia for a number of years now, the homemade drug has the same mental effects of heroin but is three time cheaper, but over time causes blood vessels in your body to burst, and skin to turn green and scaly leading to gangrene.

This is where the drug gets its name.  Krokodil means Crocodile in Russian.

Two cases have been reported in the last week in Arizona in the USA, and medical experts are warning that there will be more without warnings about what the drug can do.



WARNING: The following video is graphic in content.

Tags: Krokodil, Russia, America

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