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Which Celeb Gets Carried?

We love hearing about celebrities who demand ridiculous things. As if those 'rumours' about Ariana Grande only being photographed from the left were bad enough

50 Shades Actor Practised In Sex Dungeon

It’s not uncommon for actors to do plenty of preparation for a demanding movie role, but Jamie Dornan has taken the whole method acting thing to the next level!


Brangelina Hired Cyber Security For Kids

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have reportedly hired a team of experts to monitor the social media content their 6 children encounter.


Posted: 20 December, 2014

WATCH: The Veronicas Inspiring New Clip!

When You Love Someone encourages everyone to speak out!

Vevo (Supplied)

We have been loving the girl’s new song for a while now, so we were stoked when they released the clip this morning. It’s a little bit of a departure for the Brissy duo, who have decided to use what seems like a love song as a platform for peaceful activism.

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Posted: 20 December, 2014

Kanye drops 90 Grand on Christmas gifts for North West

Diamonds under the tree, upstaged Khloé freaking out...How YOU livin?


What do you get for the little girl who has everything? Because seriously... North West must have everything by now.

It's okay - her father's a star. They know how to spend money. So, what's under the tree this year?

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Posted: 20 December, 2014

Brad Pitt Gets off Jury Duty by being Brad Pitt

Too hot for justice, too distracting for the law.


Remind me to keep this excuse up my sleeve the next time I get a jury duty notice right before holidays!

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Posted: 19 December, 2014

2014's Most Common Misheard Lyrics - In One Video!

Watch the video now!

Did you know that Taylor Swift isn't actually singing about Starbucks lovers in her music video? You're welcome. 

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Posted: 19 December, 2014

Hamish Blake's Hilarious "Humans Of New York" Photo

Read his heartwarming and hilarious take.


Aussie funnyman and radiohost Hamish Blake is holidaying in New York with his adorable family. But while others might take the time for some serious sightseeing and shopping, the Melbournite has been waiting for the guy from Humans Of New York to show up.

But he didn't - and Hamish became pretty darn frustrated:

And that he did - posting this melencholy image of himself on his Instagram and sharing his incredibly touching lifestory. 

"I grew up on a ketchup farm in Mississippi. We would go out all day and dig up bottles of ketchup then sell them by the side of the road for 10 dimes, which most people just call a dollar now. It wasn't till I was 18 that my pappy told me there's no such thing as a ketchup farm, he was buying those bottles in town and burying them in the middle of the night just to give us something to do the next day. They cost him two dollars a bottle, so we were losing a solid dollar every bottle, plus the time spent digging them up and him sneaking out every night to bury them. After I found out I moved to New York to become a jazz dancer. I became a hit and danced privately for many well known celebrities and world leaders. I would sometimes dance quietly for Einstein in his study, he said it helped him think. I was dancing softly in the corner when he came up with the E equals Mc Squared stuff." "You seem quite young to have danced for Einstein" "You're very kind young man". @humansofny #hamishsofny

A photo posted by Hamish Blake (@hamishblakeshotz) on

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Posted: 19 December, 2014

VIDEO: Man Squeezes 30-Year-Old Pimple All Over His Wife

There plenty of pimple-popping videos out there but this one takes the cake!

Watch The Video Here!

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Posted: 19 December, 2014

Does Harry Styles Have Nude Photos?

One Direction singer reveals naughty tidbit during interview.


Does Harry Styles have nude photographs? Maybe.

The One Direction singer recently joked about his nude photos baskstage at Swedish Idol.

  During the interview - which was very casual, jokey and a little bit odd at times - the guys were asked to give their best "leaked" facial expressions, with Harry asking: "Is it like as if one of your nudes is leaked and you're like ahhhhh?"

His pal Liam Payne was fast to jump on his comment: "You've got nudes?"

Harry joked, "Not leaked ones."

What a naughty boy. 


[UNCUT] Farao meets One Direction - VAKNA MED NRJ


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Posted: 19 December, 2014

Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden Engaged

This news makes us very very happy!

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden are engaged after Benji put a ring on it.

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Posted: 19 December, 2014

Lady Gaga Once Took Advice From A Stripper

Lady Gaga revealed to Jimmy Fallon that in the past she has taken advice from a stripper!

See What Advice She Gave Her Here!

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Posted: 19 December, 2014

Parents Give Fellow Passengers Goody Bag In Case Their Baby Cries

It's something that just happens.  Babies tend to cry on planes.

One couple decided to create a cute goody bag for people on their flight who were seated around them and their baby daughter.

Read the full note here!

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Posted: 19 December, 2014

Steve Carell movie scrapped after Sony hack escalates

PLUS which star has now hired a 24 hour security team?

It was just yesterday that Sony Pictures announced they were cancelling the December release of The Interview

This comes after a hacking scandal by some who were angered at the plot which depicted the killing of North Korea’s leader in a comedic way

Well a film that features Steve Carell – also set in North Korea – has been scrapped

Find out who has had to hire a security team after the threats!

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