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J Law Dumped?

Jennifer Lawrence dumped via the tabloids

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Most Cringeworthy Tinder Moments!

We all know that Tinder brings the crazy and probably isn’t the best place to look for love… but these people bring a whole other level of crazy!

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Man’s Incredible Fundraising Mission For Neonatal Illnesses

To mark 10 years since the death of his ex girlfriend’s six and a half week old son, a man has set himself an extremely challenging goal to raise money for charity.


Posted: 30 July, 2014

Madonna Hooks Up With Miley

This could be the most cringe worthy duo ever......

What are they up to?

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Posted: 30 July, 2014

Orlando Bloom Spotted With Erica Packer (yes, that Erica Packer)

Revenge or true love?

Orlando Bloom has been spotted on holiday with Erica Packer. Yes. That Erica Packer.

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Posted: 30 July, 2014

Beyonce $21 Million Apartment

See The Pics

Could this be Beyonce's new home?

See Inside!

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Posted: 30 July, 2014

Beyonce and Jay-Z The Beginning Of The End

Could this mark the end of the worlds most famous couple?

What's Going On?

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Posted: 29 July, 2014

Kim Kardashian Took How Many Selfies On Holiday?!

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian loves her selfies (she's even publishing a book full of them!) and now it seems like it’s turned into a bit of an obsession!

In a bonus clip from a recent Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode filmed in Thailand, Kim spoke to Kanye West on the phone about the selfie book and revealed, "We literally have six cameras. It's ridiculous. We look like crazy tourists."

 Afterwards, the reality TV star visits mum Kris Jenner in one of the fancy resort sitting rooms, where she realises "I have not done a selfie in this glam room!"

"How many selifes are you gonna do in one day, you're like obsessed?!" Kris asks her.

"I need 1200," Kim admits as she changes her outfit again to take yet another selfie.




Mila & Ashton Start Wedding Plans! Uploaded at 29 July, 2014 - 12:59PM

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They’re about to become parents but that hasn’t stopped them from planning their big day. Plus J-Law gets dumped by her boyfriend because of her “big” ego & Kimmy K is a selfie fan... Incase you hadn’t noticed.

In this video: Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian

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Posted: 29 July, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence Finds Out The Hard Way

Dumped Via The Tabloids

Jennifer Lawrence finds out through the tabloids she isn't dating Nick Hoult anymore!

What Happened?

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Posted: 29 July, 2014

Zayn Malik's Twitter Disaster

One Directioner Loses Fans Over Tweet

Zayn Malik has received over 170K retweets but many are angry over his controversial hashtag!

See The Tweet!

Posted: 28 July, 2014

Lily Allen Reveals How She Keeps Her Gorgeous Figure

Lily Allen's WEIGHTLOSS Uploaded at 28 July, 2014 - 8:28AM

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You'll Never Believe It!

Lily Allen performed at our Laneway Party over the weekend and showed off her bangin' body on stage… talk about abs! 

When the 2Day FM Breakfast team had a chat to her, Lily revealed how she's managed to get fit whilst on tour.

See her exclusive performances here!

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Posted: 28 July, 2014

One Direction's Liam Payne Naked On A Boat

One Direction's Liam Payne has sent the internet into a craze after posting a blurred out nude pic to his Instagram account.

Payne had the photo taken while on a boat, along with the caption "Damn that was my last pair!"

It's no wonder that the picture soon racked up over half a million likes on Instagram.

See the uncensored pic here!

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Posted: 28 July, 2014

Lily Allen Causes Police Investigation After Hoax Handcuffing Photo

Australian police have launched an investigation into a photo that Lily Allen posted on her Twitter account earlier today.

Check out Lily Allen's exclusive 'Laneway' performances here!

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Posted: 28 July, 2014

Ricki-Lee Strips....

It's All Classy (Possibly NSFW)

Ricki-Lee has posed in her first nude photo shoot for Sunday Style.

The beautiful Ricki-Lee talks about body image in the latest edition of 'Sunday Style'.

The singer posted this pic to her instagram account with the caption:

"I’m extremely comfortable in my skin, I always have been — and I’ve always tried to project that to other women. Being comfortable in your skin isn’t about being perfect, because nobody’s perfect! It’s about being accepting of your so-called ‘imperfections’ and ‘flaws’ and embracing your body and loving yourself sick regardless! Women will always have a love-hate relationship with their bodies…it’s just human"

See the possibly NSFW pic here!

Posted: 27 July, 2014

WATCH: Simpsons and Family Guy Together

OMG! Quick watch the teaser video before it gets taken down.......

Watch The Teaser Video!