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Ajay Rochester: "I'm So Fat It's Disgusting"

"It's really serious. I'm eating myself to death"

Tags: Ajay Rochester, Being Fat Sucks, Reality, Obesity, Fat, Overweight, Junk Food, Lesbian

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Ajay Rochester has opened up about her weight and bad eating habits to Kyle and Jackie O.

The former Biggest Loser host revealed that "in the last year I've have put on about a kilo a week, 48 kilos. I'm huge. Seriously I'm so fat it's disgusting."

"If I'm extremely happy I celebrate by eating crap food. If I'm really sad and depressed I'll eat crap food," the reality TV star said.

When asked about her food diary, Rochester said "to be really blunt, I can eat a whole lot of crap in one day. There's this place here called Norms… Norms is called Bigger, Better, Breakfast so it's like breakfast for three people. It's like two pancakes, big plate sized pancakes, three strips of bacon, a plate sized hash brown, two eggs, two sausages… and I just eat that and then you just lie cos you feel so full from eating you just lie down all day cos you can't move cos your arteries are so clogged."

But it doesn't stop there with Rochester saying that she drives past another fast food store for a "burger and fries, and it's like really bad, it's horrible but, and I'm laughing about it, but it's really serious cos I'm eating myself to death!"

The fallen star has said that she has moments where she just breaks down in tears.

Rochester also spoke about the rumours that she is a lesbian, saying that "I've openly said that I've been in relationships with men and women in my life… I did have a tryst with a female. I'm not with her anymore. I (also) lived with a girl for a year, I was almost married, it was a long time ago. You know, she was my wife and I hated it. Not the lesbian bit, just the person hanging around the house all day."

Hear the full revealing interview below.

Tags: Ajay Rochester, Being Fat Sucks, Reality, Obesity, Fat, Overweight, Junk Food, Lesbian

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