Posted: 30 August, 2013 by Rosie

Robin Thicke Busted Grabbing Blonde's Bum

Talk about "Blurred lines"!

Robin Thicke blonde bum grab(Image: Twitter)

"That" Miley dance wasn't the only interesting thing that happened to Robin Thicke on VMAs night. A picture has just leaked showing Robin 'embracing' a fan at an afterparty he hosted. Looks innocent enough until you see that in the reflection of a mirror behind them Robin is going for the butt grab! 

The 36 year old singer has been married to actress Paul Patton since 2005. The pair have been together for TWENTY YEARS. While Paula has said she's totally fine with the Miley dance, she recently admitted to stalking her own husband to make sure he wasn't cheating.


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