Posted: 15 August, 2013

Katy Perry Goes Head On With Tony Abbott Over Gay Marriage

Plus reveals when she'll be back in Australia

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Katy Perry joined Kyle and Jackie O to talk about her latest single 'Roar', how it was leaked onto the net plus spoke to some Australian celebrities including Luke Jacobz, Tony Abbott and Channel 7 Newsreader Chris Bath.

Abbott asked Perry when she would be coming back to Australia, however the singer was more interested in asking about gay marriage with the Liberal Party leader.

"Ah, c'mon that's not a political question, let's talk about gay marriage," Perry exclaimed.

Abbott joked about Katy interviewing him, with the 'I Kissed A Girl' singer saying "love is equal, wooooo!"

Jackie stepped in to explain to Perry that Abbott isn't for gay marriage and not something he wants to pass.

"Yeah, well, I love you as a human being but I can't give you my vote then," Katy answered. "I still wanna meet your daughters."

"Well Katy, look, at least you can come back to Australia… please my daughters are fabulous, they would be so excited to meet you and… they are desperate to have you and last time I went to the Grand Final breakfast I was introduced to one of your numbers 'Hot & Cold' and I just thought, well maybe that can be my anthem," Abbott joked.

"I dunno if that's the best song we can pick for this issue… but you know what, let me just say that I'll be in Australia very soon and I will say that it's this year," the 28-year-old revealed.


Hear Katy's full interview below.

Tony Abbott has spoken about his chat with Katy Perry in a press conference.

Hear the full chat with Katy Perry below.

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Tags: Katy Perry, Tony Abbott, Gay Marriage

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