Posted: 24 September, 2013 by Tim Dunlop & Brettney

Big Brother's Tully Speaks About Her Rocky Relationship

Opens up over her now-rocky relationship!

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Straight from the house and onto the Kyle and Jackie O Show, Tully, the most controversial housemate of 2013, spoke about her hook-ups with Drew, whether she’d classify it as cheating, her relationship breakdown and how she’s feeling on the outside.

Tully revealed that she hasn't been able to speak properly with her maybe ex-girlfriend since her eviction from the Big Brother house last night.

"It is what it is, I as all sort've over the shop and she's obviously a little all over the shop so once it's all calmed down and the dust has settled I'll definitely speak to her properly about it," she told Kyle and Jackie O.

Hear the full chat below.

Tags: Tully, Big Brother, Drew

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