Posted: 25 March, 2014 by Jen Pearce

Lady Gaga Doesn’t Wear The Pants In Her Relationship

Listen to Lady Gaga talk about being submissive

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Lady Gaga SubmissiveLady Gaga is such a strong businesswoman and such an icon, but at home with her long-term boyfriend Taylor Kinney, Gaga admits she doesn’t wear the pants.

The Sirium XM show asked the question, “In your personal relationship with your man, are you submissive?” and Lady Gaga’s answer stumped all the straight men in the room!

Gaga says, “He’s totally in charge, I mean, when I’m home, shoes are off, I’m making dinner. He has a job too, and he’s really busy!”

Have a listen:

Tags: Lady Gaga, Scoopla, Celebrity

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