Posted: 26 November, 2015 by @Scoopla

We’re Losing Our Minds Over Maccas' Latest Menu Addition


Just when everything started to calm down, they go and do this! 

A few McDonald's in Japan have taken extreme chicken nugget ordering to a whole new level with their new 48 piece nugget bucket.

Um whoa. Challenge anyone?

In the US, you can lock in a 40 piece Chicken McNugget meal – making Australia’s 20 piece packs seem positively paltry.  But 48? Now that’s extreme.

The bucket it actually only available in the Niigata Prefecture and is part of a promotional tie-up with the newly launched pop group NGT48 (they have around 48 members) – so it’s not likely to hit regular menus anytime soon.

The bucket will cost a tidy 1800 yen – which translates to about $20. That’s a whole lotta chicken. 


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