Posted: 6 March, 2015 by Web Guy Josh

10 Of The Worst Airline Meals Of All Time

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It’s no secret that plane food can be pretty bad… but what these people were served is all kinds of wrong!

Check out these gross meals that you better hope you never get given on a flight…

1. Mushrooms and... chips?

2. Slug-like peaches.

3. A frozen gouda cheese sandwich.

4. DIY hamburger?

5. An omelette... supposedly!

6. A meatball sandwich.

7. This"delicious meal" is meant to be pancakes...

8. What a sad looking hamburger!

9. Um... not even sure what this is!

10. A customer said this sandwich looked like it contained poo and semen... and they weren't wrong!

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Tags: Scoopla, Food, Airline Food, Plane Food

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