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21 Signs You Had Rad Style For A 90's Child

How many of these hot trends were you rocking?

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Fashion is a fickle thing. What's hot one summer might be so, so, not the next. But one thing will never get old - reminiscing and laughing at the fashions we once thought were so, so hot.

If you were born in the 80s or 90's chances are you had pretty rad style.  How many of these oh-so-cool '90s and '00s fashions were you rocking? 

1. Von Dutch Hats

2. Air Force Ones

3. High-heeled Sneakers

4. These Belts:

5. Velour Tracksuits

6. Mini buns and butterfly clips

7. Butterfly clips and hair glitter

8. These trackpants:

9. Mood rings

10. Wallets on chains

11. Reef sandals

12. Baggy, baggy jeans. 

13. Centre parts

14. Hair product. So much hair product. 

15. Roll On Lip Gloss!

16. ... or body glitter! 

17. Cornrows for EVERYONE

18. Crimped hair

19. Customised Denim Flares

20. These (incredibly impractical) hats. 

21. And last but certainly not least. THESE GLORIOUS CREATIONS!


Tags: 90s, Fashion, Throwback

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