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Facebook Bans Photos Of Women Giving Birth

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A woman is outraged after three child birth photos were removed from her Positive Birth Movement Facebook page.

Milli Hill, who is the founder of the organisation, was also banned from Facebook for three days because the photos “violated community standards”. 

The organisation, which has nearly 10,000 Facebook fans, runs “positive birthing groups” around the world (including Australia) and describes itself as a “grassroots movement [offering] positivity about childbirth.”

Their Facebook page features hundreds of photos of women giving birth and holding their newborn babies and often contains nudity.

Ms Hill penned an open letter in The Guardian, condemning Facebook for censoring “powerful female images.”

“Social media reflects our wider culture’s issue, not with naked women, but with naked women who look real and active as opposed to airbrushed and passive,” she wrote. 

“It also reflects millennia of attempts to suppress women’s power, of which childbirth is perhaps the ultimate expression.”

You can read the full letter and see the other banned pictures (which some people may find confronting) here.

Was Facebook wrong to remove the photos or do you agree with their decision? Let us know on our Facebook page.


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Tags: Scoopla, Life, Child Birth, Facebook, Banned

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