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How To Make Your Own Katy Perry Whip Cream Bra

DIY Whipped Cream Bra Inspired By Teenage Dream!

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7 easy steps to making your own working Katy Perry whip cream bra! Inspired from her Teenage Dream music video. 


You Will Need

Two cans of whiped cream, a red bra, duct tape, red and white electrical tape and a two pairs of socks.

Step One

Wrap the red and white electrical tape around the two cans of whipped cream.

Step 2

Using a can, trace a circle inside of the two bra cups and draw a cross inside the circle.

Step 3

Using your scissors, cut along the lines of the cross. This will allow you to easily slide in the two cans.

Step 4

With your duct tape, wrap 5 layers of tape around the base of each can to lock tham in place.

Step 5

Cut the toe section off one of the pairs of socks and place them over each can. This provides stability and padding.

Step 6

Using the other pair, place one sock in each cup for extra padding and secure with duct tape.

Step 7

Put on bra and 'werk it'!

See it in Action!

DIY Whipped Cream Bra - Katy Perry

Tags: katy perry, whipped cream, bra, DIY, How To

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