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The Latest Revealing Photo To 'Break The Internet'

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Kim Kardashian may have broken the internet last week with her risqué Paper Magazine shoot but this week there’s another woman wanting to take the coveted crown…

Photographer and mum Jamie Wittwer took on Kim’s gravity-defying, big booty-balancing champagne glass photo… but with a pretty interesting twist.

Instead of using a champagne bottle, Jamie is hooked up to a breast pump while her breast milk shoots over her head into a bottle perched on her bum.


In an attempt to “normalise breastfeeding” and remove the online stigma associated with it, the determined mum posted the photo across social media and encouraged more mothers to do the same.

The bold move even caught the attention of former Charmed star Alyssa Milano, who had previously spoken up on the issue, questioning the double standard over her own breastfeeding photos that she posts online.

First day back at work! Shooting for @marieclairemag with @linhhair and @collierstrong and wearing my @marissawebb! #blessed

The actress retweeted Jamie’s photo in support of the cause and her Twitter feed has since been flooded with mothers’ breastfeeding photos, which she welcomed with a lot of joy.

So do you support what Jamie, Alyssa and other mothers are trying to achieve? Let us know on our Facebook page.


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Tags: Scoopla, Life, Kim Kardashian, Paper Magazine, Mother, Mum, Breastfeeding, #freethenipple, Alyssa Milano

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