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15 Wedding Horror Stories That Couples Wish They Could Forget

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Weddings are usually filled with happy memories that will last a lifetime, but unfortunately for some, that's not always the case…

Reddit asked users to share their wedding horror stories and let’s just say they did not disappoint…


I got hypothermia during the outdoor photography and missed the reception because I was in the hospital—with my brand new wife, who was still in her wedding dress.



My dad played in a band at a wedding where the bride's uncle dropped dead in her arms on the dance floor. Talk about bringing the party to a halt.



I worked as a wedding decorator for 5 years, and while this is not my own wedding, its still pretty bad. Two years ago we did the decor for a really pretty ceremony, and halfway through the day we found out it was a "surprise wedding". Basically, they were not engaged, but the bride planned the whole thing and the groom showed up at the golf course thinking he was just playing a regular round of golf. Nope. He walked into his own wedding, saw her standing at the altar, and peaced the f**k out. As he should have.



My mum's best friend (and maid of honour) showed up the day of my mom's first wedding with her head shaved. Apparently she was in love with the groom and this was her silent protest. The marriage only lasted 2 years and the groom eventually married the maid of honour.



My 3 year old brother got loose and pulled the fire alarm during the ceremony. They definitely got their "memorable" moment.



At my friend's sister’s wedding the best man’s speech caused so much pain the family have not spoken to him since. He said "Mike has always been a greedy bastard, I remember once when we all got hookers in Amsterdam, and he got three!"



A coworker of my husband's (whom he had known for a week) accused him of sexually assaulting her a MONTH TO THE DAY before my wedding. After my wedding was cancelled by my family, thousands down the drain in wedding prep and lawyer bills, and trust issues arising between my now-husband and I (who had to settle for a court house wedding), she confessed to being in love with my husband and had to stop him from making a mistake. I've never wished so much pain on a person before.



The only mishap at my wedding was a friend videotaped the whole thing, but accidentally used the night vision feature. The video is pretty surreal, with everything super overexposed. With my pale skin, I ended up looking like one of the aliens.



When my mum and dad were set to marry (before I was born), my dad got there early to make sure everything was setup and to help with final prep of everything and my mum was sent to pick up the cake. She says that when she got to the church and saw all the cars and people, she couldn’t handle the pressure and just drove home without saying anything. Dad comes home, after the wedding had been called off due to her no show, to see mum in the kitchen eating the wedding cake. They didn’t last long after that.



My wife and I eloped and got married overseas, but there was a party for family and friends when we got back. My family insisted on traditional speeches, which was our downfall. My father repeatedly called my wife by my ex's name and had to have it repeatedly pointed out to him before he corrected himself.



His parents scheduled a meeting with his attorney to threaten him out of marrying me. 3 days before our wedding.



No one objected and I ended up completing the ceremony and marrying the b**ch.



I was hospitalised and in emergency surgery 3 days prior, which is only a funny hurdle that's now a great story. As for ruined? I eloped in jeans in a bar and my mom was, and is, still pi**ed. No regrets except telling her when I did.



My father is a justice of the peace and met a couple 2 days before the wedding. My dad's skepticism radar goes crazy as the husband to be is in his mid-50s and the bride is 28. But he pushes it aside. The day of the wedding, my dad gets there about 2 hours before the ceremony and all hell has broken loose in the hall. The bride (and her mother) are holed up in the bridal suite refusing to sign the pre nup. Apparently this guy is a millionaire who made a lot of money in the tech world. My dad makes his way to the bar and has a beer, just waiting it out. Then the door SLAMS and the groom comes flying down the room screaming "THE FU**ING B**CH STILL WON'T SIGN THE PRE NUP?! WELL HER AND HER W**RE MOTHER CAN GET FU**ED." My dad got up from the bar, offered his condolences and came home with the most spectacular story.



50% of the people who RSVPed didn't come. My brother-in-law who volunteered to DJ didn't actually bring any DJ equipment, so our reception was powered by Pandora [a free music streaming service]. He also said he would video the ceremony and highlights of the reception but didn't bring his video camera. The florist forgot to deliver about 50% of the flowers. The reception venue took everything we discussed and then decided to do the opposite. My immediate family was late to the wedding, including my sister who was a bridesmaid, and my mother and father. My veil got lost the night before the wedding. After everyone was done eating and the cake had been cut, I dimmed the lights in the reception hall to change the atmosphere to a more fun, party vibe and get people dancing - everyone got up and left. It didn't go great, but my husband and I ended up married and we're still very happy together, and that's the most important thing.


See the full Reddit thread here. If you have any of your own wedding horror stories, let us know on our Facebook page.


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