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20 Surprisingly Interesting Facts About Australia

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Australia's social researchers, and our fave statisticians, McCrindle have released some facts about our beloved country that surprised even us.

We loved the facts so much, that we wanted to share them with you.

So here's 20 of the most surprisingly interesting facts about Australia.


Western Australia grows by more people every 48 hours than Tasmania adds every year.


Only 1 in 10 Australians use public transport to get to work and more people walk to work than catch a bus.


The average street of 100 households has 10 babies (aged under 3), 27 cats and 45 dogs.


On that same average street, there will be a marriage every nine months, a death every seven months and a birth every 14 weeks.


Life expectancy at birth three decades ago was 76.  Today it is 82, and in 2044 it's projected to be more than 90.


There are almost 100,000 more women than men, with six out of our eight states and territories experiencing a man drought (sorry ladies).


The average Aussie stays with their employer for three years and four months.  If that played out in the lifetime of a school leaver today it means they will have 17 separate employers in their lifetime across an estimated five different careers.


Victoria is the state with the highest ratio with females to males (98 males to every 100 females), with 58,399 more women than men.


There are almost 105 baby boys born for every 100 baby girls born in Australia.


On average, women outlive men by four years.


The most widely said 'Australianisms' are "no worries" (74% of Aussies have used this phrase), "arvo" (73%) and "G'day" (71%).


Swimming costumes are known as 'togs' in Queensland, 'cossies' in New South Wales, but Victorians call them 'bathers'.  Victorians also use the word 'cantaloupe' while the rest of the country know the fruit as 'rockmelon'.


Even though Sydney has 400,000 more people than Melbourne, more Melbournians drive to work each day than Sydneysiders.


Melbourne's iconic trams carry four times as many people to work as Sydney's ferries.


Three decades ago almost two in three Australians were married, while today less than half are, and the "never married" proportion of Australians has increased for one in four to one in three.


Over half of Australians (54%) go down the health food aisle as part of their weekly shop.


Of meals consumed at home, over one third of Australians (36%) eat most of their meals on the couch while watching TV.


The baby names while have been the most popular over the last couple of years (William, Jack, Charlotte and Emily) were also amongst the most popular baby names in Australia a century ago.


The average age of a first marriage is 29.8 for men, and 28.1 for women and on average men first become a dad at 33 years of age while women have their first child at 30.7 years.


The average Australian car drives 14,000 kilometres per year which means Australians, in their more than 13 million vehicles drive a combined 182 billion kilometres annually – that’s to Pluto and back 20 times per year!

You can check out the rest of the list of 50 statistics, and get more info on any of the above facts, on the McCrindle website.

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