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Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Work Christmas Party This Year

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With company Christmas parties in full swing, there’s a pretty important reason to attend this year, other than the free booze and food of course…

eHarmony has just released research from its Workplace Relationships Study and it turns out your festive work function could be the ideal place to meet “the one”!

The report found:

  • Aussies embrace the ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude and they’re open to a bit of office flirtation and getting boozy with their colleagues, as long as it doesn’t impact on job performance.
  • 75% of respondents agree that being flirtatious or drinking at work events won’t damage relationships with their peers.
  • Suggesting workmates could make for ideal partners - over two thirds of Aussies feel the qualities that make for lasting romantic relationships, such as humour and emotional support, are similar to those that make for strong bonds with colleagues.

So how can you make the most of the occasion this year? eHarmony’s dating and relationship expert Melanie Schilling shared her top tips:


Approach the festive season with a new mindset – swap your cocktail small talk for some subtle values exploration and keep an eye out for who makes you laugh.


Network, network, network – use your networking skills to not only build your professional relationships but also explore potential dates. Perhaps your colleague can introduce you to someone in their network?


Showcase your assets – it’s a great opportunity to show a side of yourself you don’t typically display at work. Highlight a favourite part of yourself, wear something you feel confident in, and show a side of your personality usually reserved for the weekends.


Watch the alcohol – remember that the Christmas Spirit can diminish your usual social filters and you don’t want to create unnecessary awkwardness at the office.


Know the HR policy – work parties are an extension of the workplace and although there is often some leeway, all workplace policies apply.

Source: eHarmony

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