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10 Most Awkward Facebook Breakups Ever!

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For a lot of people, their relationship isn’t official until it’s Facebook official… but then if you break up, it makes things a whole lot more awkward!

These unfortunate people found out the hard way… take a look at some of the most public breakups in Facebook’s history:

10. Fair enough!

9. KFC actually replied to this post!


8. When your partner doesn’t think you’re as awesome as you do.


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7. Facebook doesn’t approve of those relationships…

6. Most honest life summary ever!

5. So who’s cheating on who?

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4. Wait, what?!

3. When your girlfriend posts a pic having a blast with someone that’s not you!

2. Why you shouldn’t announce things on Facebook too early!

1. Caught red-handed!


Tags: Scoopla, Trending, Facebook, Awkward, Breakups

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