Posted: 21 July, 2014 by Web Guy Christian

10 Worst Tattoo Spelling Fails Ever!

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Usually when someone gets a tattoo, it’s something well thought out with deep meaning or something very special. But clearly sometimes that thought isn’t enough…

Unfortunately for these people it looks like they’ll be stuck with these mistakes for life, but it makes for a funny story, right?

Check out our 10 favourite tattoo spelling fails below!

10. I’m not sure this tattoo will get better though.

9. Now if only you could remember how to spell remember.

8. Well this is rather tragic.

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7. Don’t you love making up your own words?

6. You tell ‘em buddy! If they understand...

5. You sure about that?

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4. All we have to say is…ew.

3. It’ll take a bit more than strength and courage to show off this embarrassing tattoo.

2. Clearly this guy's guardian angel wasn't looking after this him when he got this...

1. You’re halfway there!


Tags: Scoopla, Trending, Tattoos, Tattoo Fails, Photos

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