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15 Surprising Reasons Why Kids Cry

A Must-See For Every Parent

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What started out as a father simply posting photos online of his son and the reasons for his tantrums, ended up a phenomenon and even got turned into a book!

Greg Pembroke released Reasons My Kid Is Crying last April, after other parents jumped on the bandwagon and submitted their own photos.

Check out some of the hilarious entries below!

15. “He met Tom Hanks.” -Laura R.

14. “We said she couldn’t have more bacon.” -Lisa


13. “Mommy was trying to take a nice relaxing bath…without him.” -Linda


12. “I flushed my poop before he could look at it.” -Kyle S.

11. “I told him he doesn’t need sunscreen when it’s raining.” -Tina V.

10. “I wouldn’t let him finish eating dirt.” -Krystle B.

9. “He is shopping for mango juicers at Bed Bath and Beyond.” -Tammy

8. “He met Pope Francis.” -Jessica D.

7.  “I wouldn’t let him get me a beer.” -Carol H. 

6. “He didn’t want to share his leg hole.” -Cheryl M.

5. “I wouldn’t let him wipe his chocolate face on my shirt.” -Heather K.

4. “I asked him not to throw his pasta on the floor.” -Thomas H.

3. “I told him he could not take his unwrapped tampon out to run errands.” -Jenn G.

2. “I wouldn’t let him take the broom to school with him.” -Melinda W.

1. “I wouldn’t let her wipe my butt.” -Samantha B.

Source: All photos submitted by parents via Reasons My Son Is Crying

Tags: Scoopla, Trending, Kids, Babies, Crying

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