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17 Shocking X-Rays Of Freaky Objects In The Human Body

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X-ray machines have been a saving grace in the medical field, allowing doctors to find and treat internal injuries… but they’ve also captured some truly horrific images!

Check out some of the most x-rays that even shocked the doctors! 

17. That’s where the keys went!

16. Gardening gone wrong - a man accidentally impaled himself in the eye with his pruning shears.

15. The little white lines are hundreds of gold acupuncture needles!

14. Pretty sure that’s broken…

13. WTF???

12. You’re meant to eat WITH those, not eat them!

11. Ouch!!!

10. This woman had a 12.7cm sex toy stuck inside her for 10 years before it was discovered and surgically removed!

9. Talk about a bad day!

8. No way!!!

7. This guy accidentally shot a nail into his brain!

6. When you can’t let go of the past…

5. A florida teen was involved in a horrible spear fishing accident.

4. Watch your step!

3. A construction worker unknowingly embedded a four-inch nail in his skull.

2. Truly terrifying!

1. This poor man was assaulted in India and when he resisted they they pushed a bottle up his rectum. Luckily it was removed successfully.

Source: Viral Nova / imgur

Tags: Scoopla, Trending, X-ray

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