Posted: 18 July, 2014 by Web Girl Sarah

Cakes So Disturbing We Advise Discretion

Seriously...these cakes are so gory, we really are warning you.

Tags: Cake, Gory, Gross, Clowns

Cake, glorious cake! Who can say no? What if it was a severed head cake? Or an eyeball cakepop.


Enter Miss Cakehead a UK based collective of cake artists who sway towards the more gory side of confectionary. These are all cakes and I'm sure they all tasted good... but I'm not sure if you want to eat them. 

1. Creepy Clown

2. Grotty Ashtray

3. Just a casual decapitation cake

4. I spy some cake pops!

5. Disturbing horse cake!

4. This isn't a cake. But it's still a litte disturbing. 

5. Condolence cake. 

6. This is chocolate, right? 

7. Noone likes brussel sprouts anyway...

8. Severed legs. 

9. Game Of Thrones Apology Cake

Tags: Cake, Gory, Gross, Clowns

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