Posted: 24 July, 2014 by Web Girl Sarah

Baby Sleeps In A Bed Of Snakes

The video that has us all worried.

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The video shows a baby sleeping peacefully on a bed while four cobras stand guard... uh what?

The video, which is believed to come from India, was actually loaded onto YouTube in 2013 but has had a surge in popularity this week  - shocking, surprising and downright confusing people. 

It's also drawn it's fair share of criticism - with some suggestions that this is a form of snake charming where a snake's mouth is sewn closed after it's fangs are ripped out. You might notice the snakes do not open their mouths or flick their tongues throughout the clip - this is a pretty upsetting practice. 

Either way we're pretty sure this isn't a situation which we'd want our baby in.   

4 Cobra snakes protecting a sleeping Baby

Tags: Baby, Snake

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