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Gabi Grecko Topless for Maxim

Steamy Pics Revealed!

Tags: Gabi Grecko, Geoffrey Edelsten, Maxim

Gabi Grecko has gone topless for Maxim in the latest August issue.


Recently, Grecko was allegedly hospitalised after discovering her partner, Geoffrey Edelsten had been texting his former girlfriend Shirley Moore.  

The Maxim issue gives insight into their relationship, Grecko says "I love that he is really in this for good and is willing to get over any hurdle we encounter. I can really tell he loves me, cares about what’s important to me, and I really respect him".

Lets hope Grecko gets better and things resolve between the two... 

Check out the steamy pic from Maxim below! 

Source: Maxim

Tags: Gabi Grecko, Geoffrey Edelsten, Maxim

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