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Australia’s Sexiest Women’s Names Revealed

Did Your Name Make The List?

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We recently revealed the top 10 sexiest men’s names in Australia and now the 10 women’s names that get us hot under the collar have been released…

According to a new survey by dating site, women with certain names may be more “entrancing” and therefore get more dates.   

The site collected data on the Australian female profiles that got the most date offers and ranked the most appealing and popular women’s names accordingly.

Here are Australia’s sexiest women’s names of 2014:

1. Eve
2. Elle
3. Kylie
4. Madison
5. Claudia
6. Alice
7. Anna
8. Lily
9. Kate
10. Isabelle

“The top name on our list, Eve, is intriguing because one naturally associates the name Eve with the bible,” said CEO and Founder of, Brandon Wade. 

“Although most stories from the bible aren’t necessarily sexy, the creation story: filled with nudity and sin, certainly is a racy one.”

We bet hot Aussies Elle Macpherson and Kylie Minogue will be pretty happy with making the top 10!

Here is our day at the beach for #gqitaly @steveshawphotos 👙🐶


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Tags: Scoopla, Trending, Sex, Sexiest Names,, Dating, Elle Macpherson, Kylie Minogue

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