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Study Reveals Male Cheaters Are Surprised By Cheating Wife

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Well if there's ever a moment to use the phrase 'pot kettle black', that moment is now.

Victoria Milan, a dating website for married and attached people looking to cheat, has revealed that more than 80% of male cheaters would be suprised if they discovered their wife was also cheating.

While 50% of men who are cheating on their spouses would be shocked to discover the infidelity because their wife is 'not the type' to cheat.

36% of those men also believe that they are so fantastic in bed and very happy in the relationship that their wives wouldn't stray.

Survey Results

8,246 male members of Victoria Milan polled

Do you think your partner cheats on you?

Yes 17%
No 48%
I’m not sure 35%

Do you think she would ever even think about it?

Yes 68%
No 7%
Maybe 25%

Would you be surprised if you caught her cheating?

Yes 81%
No 19%

If yes, why would you be surprised if you caught your partner cheating?

She is not the type to have a fling with someone else 52%
She seems happy with me 36%
Because I am a good lover 12%

Tags: Cheating, Life

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