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Top 15 “Craziest” Women’s Names Revealed

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Let’s face it, we’ve all done something a little crazy whether it’s an embarrassing drunken night out or stalking your crush… well apparently there’s a pattern!

This list has been floating around on Facebook and it’s not known where it originated but it’s believed to be based on the most common names amongst women accused of crime… or it could be completely made up, which is probably most likely!

But it's a bit of fun so check out the top 15 names of “crazy” women and see if you or someone you know made the CUT… 

15. Heather
14. Andrea
13. Lindsey
12. Elizabeth
11. Tiffany
10. Stephanie
9. Victoria
8. Kelly
7. Christina
6. Mary
5. Rebecca
4. Allison
3. Melissa
2. Shannon
1. Ashley

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