Posted: 28 October, 2015 by Zoe

This Woman Was Convinced Sawing The Couch She Was Selling In Half Was A Good Idea

This is just cringeworthy

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This guy was fed up with seeing a certain couch constantly up for sale on his then this happened 

We've all seen posts on our Facebook Newsfeeds of people selling various items of houshold furniture, you either scroll past unfazed, inquire to purchase, get annoyed but keep scrolling...or do what this guy did! 

Let's just say, we're glad the owner took it well. 

Incase you haven't already guessed, Joe wasn't actually keen for the couch. Apparently, he was just bored and thought it would be a good laugh.

Luckily, the owner of the couch has the same sense of humour! Turns out she thought it was hilarious and eventually Joe did pay her for not just the couch, but all her hard work too! 

This could have turned out a lot worse!


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