Posted: 19 November, 2015

7 Amazing Ways To Keep Yourself Cool In The Office During An Aussie Heatwave

Because aircon just doesn’t cut it when it’s 42 degrees out.

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Because of this scorcher of a heatwave, we thought we’d give you guys a few tips on how to stay cool while on the job! 

We are definitely going to feel summer's wrath this year, with temperatures already getting up to 42 degrees around Australia. 

If you've ever felt an Aussie summer before, you'd know that sometimes we have to get creative with how we cool ourselves down. Not all of us can afford this ~aircon~ being boasted about around town, or otherwise, we can't afford to have it on for an entire 3 months! 

So, we decided to put together a little video of how we like to keep cool when aircon just doesn't cut it (or if you don't have it at all). 

We hope you got some great ideas! 

Tags: Scoopla, Life, Video, Heatwave, Cool

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