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Guy Gets Epic Revenge On Cheating Ex Who Didn’t Back Up Her Data

“Being the only person who can bail someone out is delightful.”

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This guy took an opportunity to get some seriously cold, hard revenge on his ex-girlfriend after he caught her cheating with another dude… in his apartment. Ouch!

He shared his story on Reddit, saying he was living with his girlfriend while the two were studying at university. Her computer died, so she was using his to write her thesis.

“She never made backups of any sort. Ever. Even though I repeatedly warned/reminded her of the dangers of not backing up, she shrugged it off with ‘it’ll be fine!’”

Then the day came when he caught his girlfriend cheating. It wasn’t just flirting either, he actually walked in on her and her lover in their apartment. Later, he discovered chat logs on his computer between his girlfriend and the other guy.

At that point, the couple broke up. He decided to just move out of the apartment.

Then, the opportunity for revenge presented itself!

"A week later, I get a call from her asking for all the files associated with her thesis. You know, the ones that were on my computer that she never backed up despite my urging.

Me: "Sure, I'll be happy to get those to you. For $500."

Her (screaming): "What?"

Me: "Oh, right. Those files are incredibly important, representing about ten months of work at this point, aren't they?"

Her: "Yes!"

Me: "That'll be $1,000, then."

Her: “F*** you!"

Me: "$1,100 - and if you swear at me again the price goes up. The price goes up by $100 a day. I'd act fast or it'll get pretty expensive. It's too bad there wasn't some cheap way to have a second copy of those files, isn't it? Oh, and it'll have to be cash."

I hung up on her.

In the end, she paid $1,800.”


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Tags: revenge, cheating, ex, girlfriend, boyfriend

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