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“I Can’t Afford Real Life” Instagram Star Essena O’Neill Pleads For Money

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Essena O'Neill, the Instagram star who had over half a million followers before announcing she was giving up social media for good, has a new plea which has people questioning her authenticity. 

You'd have to be living under a rock to not have heard about the 18-year-old Australian Instagram star who's sworn off social media for good, claiming it promoted a "dishonest and contrived sense of beauty." 

And although she quit social media, her hundreds of thousands of followers didn't quit on her. Her message was retweeted, regrammed and written about all over the globe with plenty of people getting onboard with her new anti-social media appeal. 

Now, the 18-year-old has uploaded a lengthy video to her website asking for support as she can no longer afford real life. 

'I can't afford rent right now,' she said. 'It's like I am embarrassed to admit that I need help... if this is of value to you then please support me because I can't afford my own real life.'

This new plea has changed many people's view on what Ms. O'Neill's intentions may be with claims this is all just a publicity stunt to to help kickstart her new website 'Let's Be Game Changers.' 

Another woman on Facebook wrote, "Is it me or does this just sound like another opportunity to expand her career?" 

You can watch Essena's latest video below. Let us know your thoughts! 


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