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People Are Saying This Piercing Completely Cured Their Migraines!

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Have you tried everything from painkillers to meditation to get rid of your severe headaches but are finding that nothing's working? Well, there might be another option available for you that's also quite stylish. 

People around the globe are claiming that this ear piercing has completely cured their migraines!

The 'daith' piercing is that piercing which goes through the innermost cartilage fold in the ear. It is claimed that it works in similar ways as acupuncture as it targets a pressure point in the body to help relieve discomfort. 

At this point in time, it is too early to confirm whether or not the daith piercing genuinely works to relieve the symptoms of migraines, however, doctors and experts aren't ruling out the possibility. 

Dr. Thomas Cohn explained the link between the piercing and migraines: 

"Recently, some people who have received a Daith piercing have coincidentally found improvement with their migraine headaches. It is not universal, and it has not been studied formally. If a person enjoys ear piercing and suffers from frequent headaches, it may be worthwhile to consider getting this spot pierced. Since body piercings are generally less than $100, this may be a very economical treatment alternative."

If you're suffering from migraines and are a lover of piercings then this doesn't sound like a bad idea at all! Although, if you think unorthodox piercings make people look like the Devil's children, then you might want to hold back until there's a little more information available. 

Please note that the daith piercing has not yet been confirmed to relieve the symptoms of migraines. 

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