Posted: 3 November, 2015 by Carly Heading

This Guys Bladder Exploded Because He Didn’t Break The Seal


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When you’re out drinking next and don’t want to break the seal... here’s a very good reason for why you should!

A 24-year-old guy was out with his mates when he decided to go swimming.

He jumped into a lake without having peed first; little did he know what would happen next…

His bladder exploded.

Yes, apparently that’s a thing that can happen!

According to The Journal of Emergency Medicine, this man's case was because of the impact of the jump, which resulted in a "gross hematuria."

So in basic terms that means his urine... which was filled with blood, began leaking into his abdomen.


Cleveland Clinic urology resident Dr. Bradley Gill told LiveScience that the man's full bladder hitting the lake was "the equivalent of throwing a water balloon on the sidewalk."

When we drink alcohol, no matter what amount, our bladders fill faster.

So, when this happens sometimes we forget to pee, or we are doing other things….

Luckily in this guys case, reports suggest that doctors were able to stitch the man's bladder back together!

It will just take him a few weeks to recover.

Well, this is a tad scary

BRB, gotta pee.


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