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Meet The Real Life Professor Snape

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Turns out J.K Rowling’s antihero Professor Severus Snape isn’t the only potions master in history! 

Dr Beth Rogers, a lecturer at Aberystwyth’s Old College in Wales was sorting through old papers and archives when she stumbled across the name Henry Lloyd Snape who was a professor there during the 1880s. Professor Snape. 

What’s interesting, is that Professor Snape taught Chemistry - AKA POTIONS! 

But, what is actually SCARY is that with further research, Dr Rogers found a reference to a public lecture by this Professor Snape, titled “The Philosophy of Stone” ARE YOU SRS!?!?! 

I'm done.


We are now waiting for someone to inevitably discover a book that belongs to The Half Blood Prince. 

J.K Rowling based Professor Snape on her own Chemistry teacher. 

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Tags: scoopla, movies, books, life, Harry Potter, Professor Snape

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