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There Are Some Big Changes Coming To Australia’s Mail Service

It could take even longer to receive your letters

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If you’re planning on sending any letters in 2016 you better make sure you allow some extra time for them to arrive, because Australia Post is making some big changes to their service.

From January 4 regular post will take up to six days to arrive depending where in Australia you are sending it, and the price of a stamp will increase to $1.

Priority post will take between 1-4 days to arrive, and will cost $1.50.

The Australia Post website says, “It’s about making sure we have a sustainable Post Office network and letters service, so we can continue to grow in the areas you need us most — like delivering parcels and trusted services.”

They’ve also put together a video that explains all the changes.

Guide to the letters service changes  

It’s true that thanks to the rise of email and text messaging we’re all sending a lot less letters, which explains the changes that they have had to make. But there will always be a place for mail and parcel delivery. 

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Tags: mail, aus post, australia post

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