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Top 10 Presents For Your Office Kris Kringle That Are Under $10

What do you get that person you've never spoken to!?

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So you’ve been forced to participate in an office Kris Kringle or Secret Santa. And nightmare of nightmares: you’ve drawn the name of someone you’ve never spoken to before.

What are you supposed to get them? How do you know what they like? And how can you get them something nice for the ridiculous budget of $10!?

Here are ten KK gift suggestions that will suit absolutely anyone. 

Novelty Mug

Everyone needs a nice mug to have their daily coffee or tea in. Choose a distinctive but not offensive design – this is very important if you don’t know them well!

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Decorative Notepad

If you work in an office environment you probably need to take notes during meetings (or at least hold a notepad to pretend to be paying attention). Get them one they’ll be proud to display in front of your boss.



You can never go wrong with a nice box of chocolates or a Christmas themed treat, especially as a last minute gift.


Scented Hand Cream

Not just for grandmas! This is such a simple gift that smells nice and looks luxurious - and they’ll actually find themselves using it.


A Stubby Holder

If you know your gift recipient is a beer drinker, why not get them a funny, interesting or Christmas themed stubby holder for their beers. If you think it looks a little cheap fill the stubby holder with lollies before wrapping - or even put a beer inside!


Nail Polish

Every lady (and some men) appreciates a bottle of nail polish. Even if they rarely wear it, when they unwrap a new colour they’ll think, “yes, I am going to start painting my nails every day next year”.


Novelty Stationery

Get them some functional but funny stationery that they can use at work or at home.


A Trivia Card Game

If you give someone a trivia card game they will immediately pull it out and start quizzing everyone. Mission accomplished.


A Puzzle

Do you actually remember how much fun puzzles are once you get started? It’s an unexpected gift that they’ll probably love. A simple one won’t break the bank.

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Something Funny For Their Desk

Go all out and just get them something totally random that everyone will comment on when they go past their desk. Think a novelty lamp, wind up teeth or a desktop football game.


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