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47 Lies Girls Tell Themselves When They’re Dating A Douchebag

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We’ve all been there… you’re going out with a complete a-hole but you come up with every excuse under the sun for why you shouldn’t break it off! 

Yes, it’s hard to walk away when you’re completely trapped in their web, but dating a douche… ain’t nobody got time for that!

Don’t worry, even after investing all that time and love you WILL be able to break it off… eventually.

But in the meantime, the lovely folk over at Elite Daily have come up 47 lies every girl tells herself when she’s dating a dud that we can all relate to...

1. He’s just in a bad mood today.
2. He said I look “fat,” but he took me on a date yesterday.
4. He just has trouble processing his emotions.
5. He makes me happy most of the time.
6. My friends just don’t know him like I do.
7. My sister just doesn’t know him like I do.
8. My mum just doesn’t know him like I do.
9. The entire human population just doesn’t know him like I do.
10. He might have bad manners, but he wasn’t raised like I was.
11. He might insult me, but he comes from a troubled home.
12. He just had a rough day.
13. I know he’d ask me about my day if he weren’t so pi**ed off.
14. He just hates his job.
15. He’ll find a new job.
16. He’ll finish uni just like he said he would. Someday.
17. I can change him.
18. He didn’t mean it.
19. Tomorrow, everything will be better.
20. He didn’t mean to call me a sl*t, he just doesn’t like this dress on me.
21. It was my fault.
22. Everything is my fault.
23. My friends are just jealous.
24. If I do “X” thing, he’ll finally realise how much I mean to him.
25. It’s OK he won’t hold my hand in public, he just doesn’t like PDA.
26. No relationship is perfect.
27. We’re just having a rough patch.
28. No, no he was joking. He has a dry sense of humor.
29. If I just stick it out a little longer, things will get better.
30. I can’t always be “happy.”
31. He keeps me on my toes.
32. He’ll keep his promise next time.
33. He’d never want anyone else.
34. He’s good for a “uni boyfriend.”
35. He’s rude to every other girl except me.
36. He has my best interest at heart.
37. He cares about me, he just doesn’t show it all the time.
38. He’s mad about that thing I did.
39. He’s mad about that thing I said.
40. He didn’t ignore my call, he’s just been stressed out lately.
41. We only fight all the time because we’re passionate.
42. We’re not mismatched, we just challenge each other.
43. This relationship isn’t doomed to fail.
44. Nice guys aren’t as much fun.
45. It’s normal for his “ex-girlfriend” to text him throughout the day.
46. I’m the crazy one.
47. He makes me laugh when he isn’t making me cry.

So, how many of these lies have YOU told yourself? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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