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The Aussie Woman Who Was Given $10 Million & Doesn’t Want It

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A Gold Coast woman is terrified she’ll be mugged and killed or be in trouble with the law after her bank accidentally credited her with $10 million.


The money has since been removed from Ms Lamb’s business credit card account.

An ANZ spokesperson was unable to provide specific details on the investigation but said the money was never available to her and was instead the result of an ATM glitch.

"We would like to apologise to Ms Lamb for any inconvenience and we will be contacting her today," the spokesperson said.

"Due to customer confidentiality we are unable to go into detail on this situation, however we can confirm that the customer chose to have an unlimited 'monthly spend cap' on their account, which is common place for small business customers to manage their cash flow."


49-year-old Sue Lamb from Labrador got the shock of her life yesterday when her ATM receipt read “Available balance: $9,990,420.”

“I do not want this money and when I called the bank they told me that it was mine,” she the Gold Coast Bulletin.

“They wouldn’t do anything to help me and now I am really scared. I’m shaking just thinking about it. I am really worried that someone will kidnap me, take my credit card and kill me.”

Ms Lamb, who runs a small medical business on the Gold Coast, says she doesn’t even know how the long the money was sitting in her account.

“I don’t often check my balance because I only use my card for my business so I have no idea how long it was in there,” she said.

“I called the bank because I didn’t want to get a knock on my door from police who think I planned to steal the money.”

Recalling the story of a New Zealand man and his mother who were arrested by police in 2011 when they ran off with $10 million which was accidentally deposited into their bank account, Ms Lamb is trying to avoid a similar fate.

“I heard about these guys in NZ running off with $10 million so I knew I needed to call the bank but I couldn’t believe they would not help me,” she said.

“It is like something out of a movie and I just want it gone.”

And what would she do if she really did have $10 million to spend?

“I would get the girls and just go cruising on the Queen Mary 2 about 20 times,” she said.

“Then I would probably go to the beach.”

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