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The Top 8 Baby Name Trends In Australia For 2015

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Aussie parents are turning to royal, military and classic names for their newborn babies this year, according to McCrindle.

In With Royalty

Whenever there is an addition to the royal family, there comes a rush of parents to choose a royal name for their very own prince or princess.

We may see names such as Albert, Edward, Katherine, Diana, Elizabeth and Margaret.


It is believed that our ANZAC Centenary on April 25th will have an effect on baby names in Australia.  Around that time our newspapers and TV screens will be filled with lots of military news and information.

McCrindle believes this will have an influence on the most popular baby names of the year.

Think names such as Marshall, Reginald and Lance, as well as some salutes to our nations historical figures such as Simpson, Flinders and of course James.

Back To Basics

Short and simple are the way to go.  For the girls we're seeing trends for Eva, Ida, Isa, Tess, Lou and Lia.

For the boys there's Finn, Jack, Ben, Max and Leon.

'O' Baby

Names ending in 'O' are becomming popular according to Nameberry.

For the boys we're talking Milo, Theo and Leo.  As for the girls, although not all ending with 'O', there's Marlow, Juno, Willow, Monroe, Indigo and Shiloh.

Pop Goes The World

Celebrities and favourite characters in books and films are go-to options for parents to be.  According to, there's a rising trend of names such as Arya (Game Of Thrones), Lincoln (Steven Spielberg movie) and Piper (Orange Is The New Black).

There's also expected to be more of a rise for Disney names such as Aurora, Anastasia, Elsa and Alice (who are all in the top 100 baby names).

Watch out for Giselle, Ariel and Tiana to become popular in 2015 as well.

Unisex No-No

Once it was cool to name your bub with a unisex touch.  But that day is long gone, and there's a decline in these sort of names.

2015 is the rise of the Disney princess... or prince.

Back In Fashion

This usually happens every five or so years, when names from certain years past come back into trend.

"If a name is just 20 or 30 years old, like Kylie or Nicole, it's too soon for it to make a comeback because it just sounds out of fashion," McCrindle says. "But when you look at the top of the baby names lists today, there are a lot of century-old names."

"In recent years, there's been William, Jack, Ethan, Thomas and James for the boys, and Charlotte, Ruby, Amelia and Ava for the girls. I'm predicting that even more names that were big a century ago will make a comeback."

"For boys, there could be Beau, Walter, Archie, Frank, Joseph, Henry and Edwin. For girls, possibilities include Clara, Gloria, Estelle, Eva and Evelyn."

What Comes Naturally

The names Bentley and Mercedes are paving the way for more natural inspiration.

For the girls, the trend is showing names such as Jade, Lily, Amber, Skye, Willow, Summer, Poppy, Jasmine and Rain.

Ash, Sage and River are becomming popular boy names.

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