Posted: 10 February, 2015 by Web Guy Brett

This Girl's Tweet Got Her Fired Before She Even Started Her New Job

Tags: Twitter, Job, Life

Meet Cella.

Cella got a new job at a pizza shop, and then tweeted the following (which she later deleted).

But that job didn't last long, as the owner of the pizza shop was alerted to the tweet and fired her.

Here's what her soon-to-be boss tweeted her.

And it looks like someone alerted the pizza shop owner to Cella's tweet.

It also seems like the job would've been pretty easy too.

Cella didn't seem too upset by it all, following up by tweeting this.

While others think she has a case with HR.

So do you think it was wrong for the boss of the pizza shop to fire Cella over the tweet?

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Tags: Twitter, Job, Life

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