Posted: 24 March, 2015 by Sohan Judge

Father Finds Out His Son Is A Bully, This Is His Punishment

Some say he went too far, some say this is brilliant!

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A father from Wisconsin found out his son was bullying kids at school and his punishment is making headlines around the world!

He made his son pose for this photo behind a sign before posting it on social media.


The punishment includes 50 push ups on the fists, 10 incline push-ups and a one mile run at 4:30am. The son is also required to help out his Dad landscape BOTH of his houses, and apologise to the boy he bullied in front of the whole class.

The father wrote on Facebook, "This is what happens when dad finds out you are being a bully at school. My golden rule is you don’t start fights or touch anyone unless they lay their hands on you first. Feel free to tell Kayden how wrong it is to be bully or share stories to help him understand the effects of these actions on the victims."

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Tags: Father, son, bully, school, bullying, punishment, embarrassed

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