Posted: 11 March, 2015 by Sohan Judge

How Often Should You Shower? Less Than You Think!

Being clean might not be good for you.

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Australians love to shower… but recent research shows it’s not as good for you as you think.

Even though 85% of us shower daily, 29% shower twice a day and 9% shower three times a day… Associate Professor Stephen Shumack advises otherwise.



He believes a daily shower can damage your skin… especially if the temperature is hot, you use lots of soap, and stay in there for more than a couple of minutes.

Shumack says, “Over-washing causes ‘defatting’ of the skin – getting rid of the natural body oils we produce to protect the skin cells. This can cause actual damage making them more permeable to bacteria or viruses, precipitating itchy skin, dryness, flakiness and worsening conditions like eczema.”

So how often should we shower? Only when necessary! If you have sensitive skin, you can get away with 1-3 showers per week, especially in winter. 


If you’re sweaty and dirty obviously you need to clean yourself.

Shumack says the idea of a daily shower is a modern phenomenon that only came about 50-60 years ago when bathrooms and showers became common in the household, “the pressure to [shower] is actually social pressure rather than actual need.”


So what should we do then?

Spend one or two minutes showering in lukewarm water daily; focus on the armpits, groin and any areas covered in dirt and don’t use too much soap.


How often do you shower?


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