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Have You Ever Wondered Why We Wear Wedding Rings On The Finger We Do?

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It's worldwide knowledge that the wedding ring is predominantly worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, and finally, we know why. 

The tradition of the 'ring finger' is pretty bloody old. It actually started in the 16th century, before there were any major discoveries of how the circulatory system works. 

Back then, people believed there was a vein that ran between the fourth finger on the left hand and the heart. They named the vein 'vena amoris,' which is Latin for 'vein of love'. 

So, obviously, because of this love vein, it only made sense for wedding rings to go on the finger that they still (mostly) do to this day.

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in the 16th century

Tags: Scoopla, Life, Wedding ring, Engagement finger

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