Posted: 11 January, 2016 by @jus_hill

This Naughty Giggling Nanna Is Exactly The Video You Need To Watch Today

Bless her little cotton socks

If you're having a bad day today or suffering from a bit of Monday-itis, this video is SURE to cheer you up.

While most of us would shout unintelligible things and shake our fists at someone knocking on our door and running off, when this Nanna does it, you can't help but smile and giggle along with her.

Turns out 81-year-old Olive Smyth's husband recently passed away so her son Mark took her back to the neighbourhood in which she grew up in Ireland. Little did he know, his Mum would have a ball knocking on a stranger's door (or Knick Knacking as they call it) and running off!

knick knacking granny.

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