Posted: 6 February, 2016 by @nicholland

NSW Police patrol public pool with sniffer dogs

Intimidation and intrusion... Have NSW Police gone too far?

An image of NSW Police using a sniffer dog at the popular Andrew Boy Charlton public pool in Sydney is currently going viral, drawing criticism from people saying that it's one step too far in the city's war on drugs. 

ABC pool is a popular spot for inner city residents to relax and soak up the sun, and is a particularly prominent hang-out space for the Sydney gay community, with Oxford Street just a stone's throw away.

The image was originally posted on an unknown Instagram account and then posted to Facebook yesterday on a private account and has since been shared over 500 times and counting. 

"Welcome to Sydney The Nanny State Police & sniffer dogs now patrolling our pools during the day ,What's next ?? (sic)", says the caption.

Lots of people have condemned the police in the image, saying that it's an intrusion and an invasion of privacy, and a tactic that deliberately aims to intimidate regular people peacefully going about their business. Others have said that the dogs may be there for bomb detection. 

When we reached out to ABC Pool for comment on whether this was a recent operations, they said they could not offer comment at this stage. At the time of publication, NSW Police are also yet to comment on the image. 

The image comes in light of a damning feature on the devastating affects Sydney's lockout laws have had on business, tourism and general morale of the nations most populous city. 

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