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Fifty Shades Of Grey Stars' Shocking Salaries Revealed!

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It's been making a killing at the box office but you won't believe how much the stars of Fifty Shades of Grey got paid!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson received a measly $250,000 each for their work on the erotic movie.

Even though the film has pretty much been slammed by everyone, the bad reviews haven't stopped it breaking nearly every box office record, bringing in around $550 million worldwide so far!

The mag has reportedly heard from sources that the actors are trying to renegotiate their contracts for the sequels, demanding seven-figure pay rises.

“It was a very basic franchise starter deal,” the insider said. “Look at Twilight and Hunger Games, and that’s where it is heading.”

Jennifer Lawrence got paid just $500,000 for the first film in the Hunger Games series but that figure jumped to an incredible $10 million for its sequel, Catching Fire!

Luckily for Dornan and Johnson, their contracts will still see them earning a percentage of the movie's half-billion dollar box office taking.

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Tags: Scoopla, Movies, Fifty Shades Of Grey, Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson

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