Posted: 6 January, 2016 by @jus_hill

The Cast Of The Neverending Story In 2016

Does the child-like empress still look... child-like?

Remember wishing as a kid you had a flying dragon like Falkor? Or that bottom lip dropping when Atreyu's horse got stuck in the mud? I can't even. Don't start me.

Ok, that emotional rollercoaster aside, there's no doubt The Neverending Story, Bastian and Fantasia were such a major part of our childhood and taught us all sorts of lessons about being a good person and having an imagination.

So, now it's been a few years (the movie was released in 1984, gasp!) what do the stars look like now?

Feast your eyes on this.

BASTIAN - Barret Oliver who played the character in the first movie is now a photography teacher in LA after quitting showbiz in 1989.

ATREYU - Noah Hathaway continued his career and is now a totally ripped, tattooed MMA fighter!

THE CHILDLIKE EMPRESS - After Tami Stronach's parents decided she wouldn't be acting after doing The Neverending Story, she eventually opened her own dance school in Brooklyn!

TEENY WEENY - Remember him and his cute little snail? Well Deep Roy has been super busy, he played the Oompa Loompa's in the 2005 version of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory!


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